When you start thinking about collecting casino chips, it is natural that your interests turn to the collection capital of the United States — Viva Las Vegas, Nevada.

It’s a city that never sleeps — around the clock action — with all sorts of different attractions like themed hotels and casinos that appeal to all sorts of clientele.

Affectionately known as “Vegas Baby,” its bright lights and neon-exaggerated symbolism has a mesmerizing and attention-grabbing bigger-than-life iconic artsy sign aimed at getting people inside these mammoth, exotic building which promise, “You can be the big winners — play here with loosest slots or best odds on dice.”

Entertainment is king and buffets galore take care of your bodily needs with specials like all-you-can-eat offerings of prime rib, lobster, barbecue and the like. Deserts are unlimited and a smorgasbord of fresh fruit. Earn enough points playing slots or table games and the casino will gladly give you a “complimentary” meal or two to keep you inside their venue.

Chip collectors take all the perks and they go about searching the tables for chips they don’t have — either newly issued chips, limited-edition chips to promote events and just chips you like because they feature your favorite animal, movie star, or exotic building.

Las Vegas has it all providing a treasure trove of high-quality chips.

However, their other options out there in the “Small Town Nevada Casinos.” In this Part 1 of a three Part video series, take a journey through the smaller towns and cities that offer their own entertainment and great food.

Enjoy Part 1 and look for Part 2.

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