This site has been built to allow collectors of casino chips and tokens to showcase their collections to the world. As a visitor or member you will have access to thousands of casino chips and tokens for sale and educations purposes. For full benefits of the site we encourage you to register an account and start your collection today.

Q: What is Chippers Club?

A: Chippers Club is a casino chip and token catalog built by collectors. Anyone can upload images to the site to share with others around the world. We want you to add as many of your images to the site to build the catalog for your enjoyment.

Q: Can I use images uploaded to Chippers Club?

A: If you wish to use images for personal use please attribute Chippers Club to the images. If you wish to use images for commercial purposes please contact us.

Q. Can I sell my casino chips and tokens on the site?

A: Yes! As a paying member of the site you can sell your images in the Shop. You can also send a direct link to your shop so friends and collectors can visit to buy your items.

Q: Can I manage my collection on Chippers Club?

A: Yes, you can add any casino chip or token from the catalog to your personal collection. You must be a paying member to build your collection.