Watauga Social Lounge, $1 Regular Card House

Casino: Watauga Social Lounge, Watauga, TX
Casino Type: Card Room
Chip Type: Regular House Chip
Denomination: $1
Color: White
Mold: Plain
Inserts: 3 Yellow/Blue
Inlay: OOR-Multi-FG
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Watauga Social Lounge, $1 Regular Card House
Denom: $1
Issued: 01/2022
Last Update: 2022-01-25
Color: White
Inserts: 3 Yellow/Blue
Mold: Plain
Collected By: A. J. Giametta
6531 Watauga Rd, Suite 110C
Watauga, Texas 76148
Type: Card Room
(817) 479-3087
Status: Open
Open: 01/2022
New legislative bill that was presented targeted to shut down poker clubs in Texas. This comes after the Watauga Social Poker Club was raided on Oct. 10, 2022 in the middle of their Fall Classic Poker $420 buy-in, $100k GTD Main Event.
Players were fined $360 and at least half a dozen staff members being arrested and booked into the county jail.
Other poker clubs have had similar situations happen which isn't good. The bill would call these clubs "private residences" and the government is trying to close the loophole that these clubs have been using to stay open. They are said to be "private clubs" which means it isn't open to the public, it isn't a home game and members pay a daily, monthly or yearly membership to play at these establishments.
In the last year, poker has absolutely boomed in Texas. Bringing in tons of action and money to these rooms and boosting the economy.
Along with that, tons of publicity on YouTube with vloggers like Doug Polk, Brad Owen and Andrew Neeme among others. I think Texas needs to take a second look at this and rethink how they could actually use poker rooms and casinos to boost their economy.

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