Veneto Casino, Panama City, RdeP $1000 NCV

Casino: Veneto Casino, Panama, RdeP
Casino Type: Land Based
Chip Type: 3X2Rectl
Denomination: $1000
Color: Yellow
Mold: Plain
Inserts: 4 sxs White
Inlay: OR-Multi
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Veneto Casino, Via Veneto and Avenida Eusebio Avenida Morales, El Cangrejo, Panama City, Panama, 507
Denom: $1,000 (NCV) Tournament Chips
Last Update: 2021-10-15
Color: Yellow
Inserts: 4 sxs White
Mold: Plain
Inlay: R-White
Logo: Photo Of Wyndham Veneto Hotel
Submitted By: A.J. Giametta
Via Veneto and Avenida Eusebio Morales
Panama City, Panama
Type: Land Based
Status: Open
Open: 11/2005

Slogan under base of hotel photo “Sin Valor EN Efectno” in Spanish translates to “No Cash Value” Country uses U.S. currency

Note — The seven tournament NCV chips I submitted to the Chip Guide were put in play when casino opened in 2005. Still in play, although some of the values have been updated.
There are larger denominations, but I did not see them. My submission includes $5 through $1,000 in U.S. Dollars not Balboas.

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