Unidentified Florida Palms Tree Image Illegal Chips

Casino Type: UFC -- Antique
Chip Type: Crest & Seals
Denomination: $-- No Cash Value --
Color: Blue
Mold: Crest & Seal
Inserts: N/A
Inlay: R-White
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Unidentified Florida Palms Tree Image Illegal Chips
(Florida Palms)
Color: Blue
Mold: C&S
Inlay: R-White
Collected By A. J. Giametta
C&S, Generic Chips
Type: Generic Chips
Status: Unknown

The Florida Palms chip was the exclusive design of H.C. Evans & Co. (in a similar way that the Sailing Ship chip was the exclusive design of K.C. Cards and Mason & Co.). It is interesting that Evans described the chip as "thin" in its 1928 and 1929 catalogs then later, in its 1935 catalog, described the same chip as "thick". The design was by Matthew Andrew Daly (1860-1937) who was the head of the USPC art department from 1903 until the early 30’s (he’s better known today for the stuff he did with Rookwood Pottery). Because there is no mention of available colors (unlike the "Sailing Ship" chip in which 9 colors are specifically mentioned), I believe that this chip could have been available in whatever colors USPC had. Therefore there may be dark green, lavender, black, tan and purple chips still to be found. BTW, note that the graphic as depicted in the 3 catalogs is a bit different from the graphic on the actual chip.

These chips have been attributed to individual clubs, most notably clubs in Puerto Rico and California. The fact is that these chips could have been used anywhere as they were able to be purchased by any individual or club with the money to pay H.C. Evans. Such chips should rightly be referred to as generic chips.

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