Starlight Ranch, Lyon County, NV Brothel

Casino: Starlight Ranch, Lyon County, NV
Casino Type: Nevada Brothel
Chip Type: NCV (No Cash Value)
Denomination: $-- No Cash Value --
Color: White
Mold: Plain
Inserts: Lt. Blue 4xRectangles
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Starlight Ranch, Lyon County, NV Brothel
Denom: NCV
Color: White
Inserts: Lt. Blue 4xRectangles
Mold: Plain
Contributed By: A. J. Giametta
Open 1970 as Moonlight Ranch then rebranded in 1970 as Starlight Ranch and moved to a new location. Re-branded as Miss Kitty’s Guest Ranch, according to the website,
History of Lyon County Brothels.
— 1955 Moonlight Ranch
–1970 Starlight Ranch and is moved and renamed Miss Kitty’s Guest Ranch
— 1971 Prostitution became legal
— 1992 Dennis Hof purchases Moonlight and becomes The Moonlight Bunny Ranch
— 1996 Dennis Hof purchases Miss Kitty’s Guest Ranch
— 2013 Dennis Hof purchases Sage Brush Ranch
— 2016 Dennis Hof opens Kit Kat Ranch
A Lyon County official was quoted in 2010,
“Brothels don’t pay business taxes, but contribute nearly $500,000 in other fees to the county which goes toward paying the county fleet of vehicles. With only 52,000 residents, the county would be hard pressed to make up that revenue if the brothels were banned. From a financial perspective, it means it has to come from someplace else.”

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