Renaissance Cruises. R1 Inaugural Sailing Year 1998

Casino: Renaissance Cruises (Headuarted In Florida)
Casino Type: Cruise Ship
Chip Type: Cruise Ship
Denomination: $5
Color: Red
Mold: Plain
Inserts: 8-Yellow/Blue/Yellow
Inlay: OOR-Multi-FG
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Renaissance Cruises. R1 Inaugural Sailing Year 1998
Denom: $5
Event: Grand Opening
Issued: 1998
Added: 2011-05-04
Last Update: 2023-08-09
Color: Red
Inserts: 8-Yellow/Blue/Yellow
Mold: Plain
Collected By: A. J. Giametta
Renaissance Cruises. R1 Inaugural Sailing Year 1998
Type: Cruise Ship
Status: Closed
Open: 1989, Close: 9/25/2001

NOTES — Founded in 1989, Renaissance Cruises featured eight ships that hosted between 684 and 710 passengers on trips to the Mediterranean, Scandinavia, the Greek Isles, the South Pacific and other exotic locales. In the late 1990s, Renaissance Cruises experienced financial crisis. Two weeks after the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, the company filed for bankruptcy. However, the eight cruise ships were sold to Oceania, Azamara and Princess Cruises, and are still sailed around the world. R Class- The pride of the fleet were the line’s eight brand new 684-passenger R-Class ships named R One, R Two, R Three, R Four, R Five, R Six, R Seven and R Eight. The ships in this class were built between 1998 and 2001. Following the bankruptcy of Renaissance Cruises, all of the vessels were chartered or sold to other cruise lines and continue to operate to this day.
R1, Inaugural Year 1998

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