Pearl Seas Cruises, Guilford, CT Cruise

Casino: Pearl Seas Cruises, Guilford, CT
Casino Type: Cruise Ship
Chip Type: Regular House Chip
Denomination: $1
Color: DK GRAY
Mold: Scroll
Inserts: N/A
Inlay: HS - Gold
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Pearl Seas Cruises, Guilford, CT Cruise ” One Boat Line”
Denom: Ship Assigned Value
Last Update: 2023-04-21
Color: Dark Gray
Mold: Scroll
Inlay: HS Gold
Contributed by: A. J. Giametta
Wet Chips
Type: Cruise Ship
Status: Open (No Gambling)
Owned By: Pearl Seas Cruises
Explore Well™

With Pearl Seas Cruises, you will explore enticing destinations that bring regional culture and natural beauty to life. As the premier small cruise ship on the Canadian Maritimes, St. Lawrence Seaway, Great Lakes, and East Coast, the line offers the excitement and romance of the sea in an intimate and personalized setting.

Aboard an exquisitely appointed ship, passengers immerse themselves in the unique character and customs of each ports of call. The enrichment program begins on the ship and continues each day through exciting shore excursions led by knowledgeable expert guides. After a day of exploration, relax on your private balcony and witness the breathtaking scenery, as you reflect on the day’s adventures and those still to come.

Let us introduce you to the personalized service, fine dining, enriching onboard activities, and guided shore excursions that are the hallmark of small ship cruising with Pearl Seas Cruises.

Only one ship — Pearl Mist — can accommodate 210 passengers. Itineraries include all the Great Lakes, Saint Lawrence Seaway and up the northeast Canadian Providences of Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario and northern Canadian coastlines.

According to a public relations spokesman from the company’s headquarters in Connecticut, in the early 2013 and 2014 years, the ship had social gambling but only when ship was in Canadian waters. After a disappointing loss aboard the vessel and gambling rules, the venture was closed and never opened again.

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