Paulson Gaming Supply Celebrates Chipping World

Casino: Paulson Gaming Supplies, Las Vegas
Casino Type: Chip Manufacturer
Chip Type: Limited Edition -- Anniversary
Denomination: $-- No Cash Value --
Color: Orange
Mold: Paulson
Inserts: N/A
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Paulson Gaming Supply Celebrates Chipping World
Issued: 1998
Last Update: 2016-07-14
Color: Orange
Mold: H&C (RHC)
Inlay: OOR-Multi-FG
Catalog#: V2392
Collected By: A. J. Giametta
Became: GPI – Gaming Partners International
2121 Industrial Road
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102
Type: Manufacturer
Status: Closed
Open: 1963, Close: 1999
Fiesta & Paul-son Gaming Supply issued a special chip in 1998 celebrating the 10th anniversary of chipping. Has reverse ribbon stating, “From Your Friends At Paul-Son and Fiesta Casino Resort.”

Acquired by Gaming Partners International (GPI).

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