Nevada Club, Las Vegas, NV $10 Heavy Brass PMSC Chip

Casino: Nevada Club, Las Vegas
Casino Type: Fantasy
Chip Type: Regular House Chip
Denomination: $10
Color: Purple
Mold: PMSC - Plastic Molded Slug Core
Inserts: 4 - Brass
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Nevada Club, Las Vegas, NV $10 Heavy Brass PMSC Chip
Denom: $10
Added: 2013-11-19
Last Update: 2023-10-31
Color: Purple
Inserts: 4 Brass
Mold: Plain
Collected By: A. J. Giametta
109-113 Fremont St
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
Type: Land Based
Status: Closed
Was: Santa Anita (Turf Club)
Became: Nevada Club, Diamond Jim
Open: 07/1953, Close: 1955

NOTES — The Nevada Club was licensed by the City of Las Vegas in July, 1953. (before that it was the Santa Anita Turf Club) The Nevada Club went thru an ownership change in 1954, and then on 1955 it would be taken over by Robert Van Santen who was running the Fortune Club.
Then in Oct. 1955 the two clubs merged under one name, The Nevada Club, which was followed by another name change “Diamond Jim’s Nevada Club” (still Van Santen) and one more name change “The Lucky Nevada Club” which it expanded into the building that housed the Lucky Strike Club.
Then in 1969…it closed…Golden Nugget took over and continued its westward expansion until it controlled the entire south side of the 100 block of Fremont.
– 25¢ — Blue
– $1 — White
– $10 –Purple – Shown
– $25 — Green
– $5 — Red
– $100 –Black
– $500 –Orange
Brass Cores, made for Spinetti’s

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