Horseshoe, Las Vegas, NV $ Hot Stamp House Chip

Casino: Horseshoe, Las Vegas
Casino Type: Land Based
Chip Type: Regular House Chip
Denomination: $1
Color: White
Mold: H&C (RHC)
Inserts: 2 - Orange
Inlay: HS - Gold
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Horseshoe, Las Vegas, NV $ Hot Stamp House
Denom: $1
Issued: 2024
Added: 2024-05-22
Color: White
Inserts: 2 Orange
Mold: H&C (RHC)
Inlay: HS-Gold
Logo: Horseshoe
Contributed By: A. J. Giametta
Was: Bally’s
3645 Las Vegas Blvd S.
Las Vegas, Nevada
Type: Land Based
Status: Open
Open: 2022

NOTES – Horseshoe returns to Las Vegas with Bally’s transformation into the iconic casino brand known for gaming, poker and making it right for the gambler.
Through many decades and dozens of expansions, Horseshoe has stayed true to its heritage, welcoming all those who seek “The Ultimate Gambling Experience.”

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