Gold Spike, Las Vegas $1 CT 1989 Bronze Slot Token

Casino: Gold Spike, Las Vegas
Casino Type: Land Based
Chip Type: Slot Token
Denomination: $1
Color: Bronze
Mold: CT
Inserts: N/A
Inlay: Plain
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Gold Spike, Las Vegas $1 CT 1989 Bronze Token
Denom: $1
Issued: 1989
Color: Bronze
Mftr: CT
Added: 2012-04-02
Last Update: 2024-03-08
Collected By: A. J. Giametta
Was: Rendezvous
400 E Ogden
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
Type: Land Based
Status: Closed
Open: 1981, Close: 04/14/2013

NOTES — From 1985 to 2013, Gold Spike Hotel and Casino was known as an economical destination to stay at in Downtown Las Vegas. Visitors could stay minutes from such historic hotels and casinos including the Golden Nugget, Binion’s and Four Queens on Fremont Street.
From 1983 to 2002, the famous casino pioneer Jackie Gaughan was the owner of the Gold Spike. Originally, the place was called Rendezvous, which we talked about in our Las Vegas History Series a few weeks back.
In 2002, Barrick Game purchased Gold Spike from Mr. Gaughan. That deal was for 82 million dollars and included a four-property deal that consisted of the Gold Spike, The Plaza, Las Vegas Club and The Western.

In 2008, The Siegel Group acquired Gold Spike and renovated the entire property. The plan was to make it a very modern boutique hotel. By 2013, Tony Hsieh of Zappos acquired the debt from the Gold Spike and used it as one of signature properties of the Downtown Project.

Casino gaming ended at Gold Spike in 2013. The casino floor became a bar and lounge. Today, Gold Spike is considered to be a Downtown Las Vegas entertainment venue.

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