China Gambling Ship Metropolis, Hong Kong, China

Casino: China Gambling Ship Metropolis, Hong Kong, China
Casino Type: Cruise Ship
Chip Type: Jeston
Denomination: $$100,000
Color: Red
Mold: jeston
Inserts: N/A
Inlay: R-Red
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China Gambling Ship Metropolis, Hong Kong, China
Denom: $100,000
Added: 2023-09-26
Color: Red / Black
Mold: Oversized
Inlay: R – Red
Serial Number: 0209
Contributed by: A.J.Giametta
Was: Ming Fai Princess
China, Wet Chips
Type: Overnight Gambling Cruise Ship
Status: Closed (Currently Being Cannibalized In India)

43 mm Oversized

NOTES –China Metropolis was sold to China International in 2011 and renamed the China Metropolis continuing to sail as a gambling ship. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic shutdown in 2020, the ship was in insurmountable debt and was sold for scrap on March 25, 2021.
Scrap yard operator told me his company purchased the ship after the government of Singapore seized the ship while in Singapore Harbor and the company had lost its Registration Flag and Foreign Credentials.
It sold for scrap on what's was owed for the time the ship was in Singapore.
It was the last casino ship to operate out of Hong Kong, China. The ship was beached in Alang, India on June 14, 2021 and salvage continues.
China International was so much in trouble that they did not contest or try to rescue the ship. While being towed to the India cracking yard, the Metropolis broke up in heavy sea , but managed to arrive in India where it is being scrapped.
These chips are from the cage area of the "high valued" casino vault. There are a lot of plaques that will be sold before end of the year. These "oversize jetons" are exquisite and are new.

A,J. Giametta R-8248

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