Casinos Poland, zł10000 Krakaw, Regular House Chip

Casino: Casinos Poland, z?10000 Krakaw
Casino Type: Foreign -- Land Based
Chip Type: Regular House Chip
Denomination: $1
Color: Yellow
Mold: H&C (SCV)
Inserts: 3 Blue
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Casinos Poland, zł10000 Krakaw, Regular House
Denom: zł10000
Color: Yellow
Inserts: 3 Blue
Mold: H&C (SCV)
Inlay: PO White
Collected By: A. J. Giametta
Several, Poland
Type: Casino Management
Status: Open
Poland casinos Operator of 7 casinos and one slot arcade (Szczecin). The companies first casino opened in Krakow in 1989. Casino Warsaw located in the Marriott Hotel celebrated its 16th anniversary on October 28th 2005. Casinos: Warsaw Marriott, Warsaw Hyatt, Gdynia, Katowice, Cracow,Poznan, Szczecin and Wroclaw
Casinos Poland Ltd. is owned by LOT Polish Airlines, the Polish Airport Authority and Century Casino who each have a 33.3% stake. Century Casinos completed their share purchase on of 100% of the shares of G5 Sp.z.o.o. on 12th March, 2007 for a total sum of $8,690,000. In the beginning, during communist era, Poland Casinos was associated to Casinos Austria International ( we can see CAI`s logo in the older chips).

This is a sticker chip used when casino change money value to $1 of zł10000

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