Casino Houston $2,500 Series 1 Tournament Chip

Casino: Casino Houston
Casino Type: Land Based
Chip Type: Card Room
Denomination: $-- No Cash Value --
Color: Yellow
Mold: H&C (SCV)
Inserts: Fantasy Tournament Chip For Mock Casino Play
Inlay: HS - Gold
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Casino Houston $2,000 Series 1 Tournament Chip
Denom: $2,500
Issued: 1980s
Added: 2016-02-16
Last Update: 2023-08-11
Color: Yellow
Mold: H&C (SCV)
Inlay: HS-Gold
Collected By: A. J. Giametta

– 1000 Black
– 2500 Yellow – Shown
– 15000 Lt Blue

This 1980s mock gambling establishment advertised itself as a “remarkable replica of a Las Vegas casino” which was only missing two things, “the thrill of financial victory and the agony of monetary defeat.” The just-for-fun gambling bar was complete with neon lights, bronze statues and chandeliers. Dealers wore formal attire and they even had the occasional showgirl revue.

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