Blackpool & Fylde College, Blackpool UK Sample

Casino: Black Hawk, Shawnee, OK
Casino Type: Manufacturer Sample
Chip Type: Manufacturer
Denomination: $1000
Color: Gray
Mold: CHIPCO (Chipco Co.)
Inserts: 3-Denomiations
Inlay: FG - Full graphic (Chipco)
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Blackpool & Fylde College, Blackpool UK Sample
Chipco Sample Logo on reverse
Denom: 25p
Last Update: 2022-08-30
Color: Gray
Inserts: 3 Black
Mold: Full Graphic Chipco Sample
Mftr: Chipco – Satin
Inlay: R-White
Logo: Red Roulette Ball
Contributed by: A. J. Giametta

The college operates a very reputable degree program for those interested in tourist-related careers in casino gaming. This chip is one of many similar designed casino-style chips used by instructors to prepare students to become card dealers and croupiers on Cruise Line Ships, and other forms of land-based European casino employment

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