All In Club, Tyler, TX 2nd Issue $100 Regular House Chip

Casino: All In Club, Tyler, TX
Casino Type: Card Room
Chip Type: Regular House Chip
Denomination: $100
Color: Black
Mold: Yin Yang
Inserts: 4wht sxs
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All In Club, Tyler, TX 2nd Issue $100 Regular House Chip
Card Club (Texas Holdem)
Value: $100
Color: Black
Inlay: OOR-Multi
Mold: Yin Yang
Second Issue (Games played at American Legion Post 12, Tyler, TX and games twice a week. Portion of entry fees goes to the Legion’s Christmas Tree Project)
Launched 2005 at a local motel in response to a newspaper full-page ad that offered prizes to play Texas Holdem poker with regular chips and rules of the AIC.
Since Texas doesn’t allow gambling, the venues were operated in sports bars and restaurants. Patrons received extra chips for purchasing drinks and ordering food from a special menu.
There was no rake or tips and player acted as dealers at each table.
Prizes consisted of gift certificates to the venue like free drinks or meals.
There was an online presence and it was played every week somewhere in East Texas as live poker.
Partners were from Las Vegas, and it all came crashing down when one of the financial backers died. It is still played at a local American Legion Post in Tyler. However, there is no rake or tipping allowed. Players set the buy-in rules.
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