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Chipper Club, The Visual Source for Casino Chip Collectors

Welcome to Chipper Club. Here you will find a visual guide to a wide variety of casino chips from casinos all over. You can search our database to find chips to add to your chip collection.

Do you love the search for new chips either by finding rare chips in the wild or visiting casinos to acquire the latest chips? At Chipper Club you will find a passion for collecting casing chips.

Casino chips come in many different formats. Each casino has their own custom-designed chip with a monetary value and casino name on the chip. Chips are color coded based on the basic values of chips of $1, $5, $10, $25, and up with variations for games like blackjack.

In our visual casino chip database you will find many different chip variations across the denominations. We hope you enjoy Chipper Club and share our passion that goes along with collecting casino chips.

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