Coronavirus COVID-19 and Your Casino Chip Collectables

It's 2020 and we are in the middle of our major pandemic with the Coronavirus. Casinos are closed across the world. We don't know the impacts of touching casino chips and shipping those to other people. However, you should take the extra caution when preparing your shipments and handling merchandise you receive.

Here are some tips to take the heart when working with your casino chip collection.

  • Wear gloves when you receive any chips in the mail
  • Wash your new chips with soap and water
  • When shipping, wear gloves to handle the chips and clean them before shipping.

Basically you want to protect yourself and the people you are sending your chips to.

What is the Coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a respiratory illness with symptoms that range from a mild cough to pneumonia. Some people recover easily while others may get very sick from this new virus.

This new virus was discovered December 2019 and has quickly spread across the world originating from Wuhan City in China. With the spread of this virus, people are seeing varying ranges of this illness from mild symptoms, to becoming very sick, and some who have died.

The response to the outbreak of the Coronavirus is unprecedented. Professional sports have shut down or postponed the start of their seasons including the NBA, MLB, NHL, College Spring sports….even Disneyland is now closed due to the virus.

If you need more information regarding the Coronavirus please visit here.

What does this mean for Casino Chip Collecting

With casinos closed across the US, we could see some of the smaller less cash solvend casinos closing their doors. Hopefully not. We all hope Coronavirus will run its course and we can return to normal life. If there are casino closures due to the pandemic, we could see some chips become a bit rarer due to doors closing.

Stay well and take precautions when handling casino chips for the near future. This will pass and we will see life back to normal.

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